Welcome to Cabeza Azul – Population 11,335, Elev 131 ft.

Nestled in the low-lands at the base of the Santa Cruz foothills, but not quite on the coast, Cabeza Azul’s character reflects the economy that drives the region. The streets are maintained well enough, and being sandwiched between both the 101 and the 129, there’s not a lot of traffic to push much change. Street signs, lights, and civic landmarks have mostly been left as they were back in the 1990’s with the color being strongly bleached out of all but the most shaded buildings.

The people of Cabeza Azul are the kinds you’d find in this agricultural crescent; a great deal of farm laborers, senior baby-boomers and aging post drug-craze burnouts, old salts whose families have lived in the area for generations, and those looking to escape the city life without going Into the Woods.

Just up the main road, on to the 129, there’s Parrot Lake (formed out of an old quarry) and next to it Rainbow Lake. Both were popular spots for trout and bass fishing, but Parrot Lake was closed about a decade ago to fishing due to the number of car accidents from the highway pass. Rainbow Lake is still open and tends to draw out anglers from miles around during the seasonal months.

Other nearby cities of note are Watsonville to the west, and the small historic town of San Juan Bautista to the east.


  • Idea – old backwater town that often can’t meet the demands of its population. Aspect: Relying on Band-Aids.
  • Idea – People generally keep their history out of the public eye. Aspect: Respect Our Privacy.


  • Not everyone’s thrilled with the new interests coming into town. Aspect: New Money, New Problems

Locations and other such important things

Facets of the town’s trouble:
With the narrow passage of the Marijuana Legalization bill earlier last year, this town has seen a small trickle of new farmers setting up outside of town. A good number of townsfolk aren’t too pleased with the newcomers, even though the mayor’s very supportive of any new sources of income. This has led to a lot of infighting over “selling the town’s soul”, “letting those poser hippies take over our town”, “finally getting some money to fix our town”, “letting the corporations ruin everything”, and “damn vampires!” Less so with the vampires, actually.

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